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Consumer Applications 

Organic pollutants from consumer appliances are a major contributor to domestic wastewater.  Appliance manufacturers rely on mechanical filters, which require continuous maintenance and cartridge replacement, causing consumer friction points.  As these filters become saturated, pollutants escape into effluent, putting pressure on municipal wastewater treatment facilities and ending up in oceans and waterways where they can cause irreparable harm to aquatic ecosystems.


What we deliver 

Viridis’   innovative system can be integrated into a range of consumer appliances, where it can isolate and decompose all forms of organic pollutant present in water.

Our proprietary technology delivers: 

  • unparalleled pollutant capture and degradation rates

  • minimal electricity use

  • maintaining a neutral pH balance

  • elimination of toxic substances in treated water

  • reduced ongoing maintenance associated with these appliances.


Washer & Dryer

Washing Machines 

Our first product is a microfiber degradation unit designed to seamlessly integrate into your washing machine or connect to the discharge hose, capturing and eliminating over 90% of microplastics.


Our technology eliminates food residue captured by the filter during the wash cycle, ensuring a hygienic dishwashing process and eliminates the need for customers to clean the filter or address odors associated with leftover food waste.


Water Purifiers 

Our technology enhances water purifiers, effectively removing contaminants such as microplastics and PFAs, ensuring  the delivery of safe, clean, and contaminant-free water.

Clothing Care Appliances 

When integrated into clothing care appliances like steam closets, our solution excels at removing pollutants from condensate, preserving the freshness and cleanliness of your garments.

Sea Turtle

Let's Collaborate on Cutting-Edge Solutions!  


Reach out now to discuss how our technology can elevate your products. 

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