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Industrial Applications

Industrial wastewater contains a host of organic pollutants, including PFAs, dyes, fats, cleaning agents and other carbon-based contaminants that pose risks to human health and the environment.
Current solutions leverage chemical, space and electricity-intensive techniques to treat these organic pollutants.
In many cases, these processes yield toxic byproducts that require further treatment. 


What we deliver 

Viridis’   system captures and oxidizes these pollutants via electro-oxidation.

Our proprietary technology is capable of:

  • reducing Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

  • minimizing electricity use 

  • maintaining a neutral pH balance 

  • reducing overall water toxicity.


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Fertilizers & Pesticides

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Pharmaceutical Waste

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Biomass & Cellulose Waste

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Sea Turtle

Let's Collaborate on Cutting-Edge Solutions!  


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